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Reel Anime 2013 Review: Momo e no Tegami

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Magic

Ending Theme: "" by Yuko Hara

Production Studio: Production I.G

Staff:Director: Hiroyuki OkiuraScript: Hiroyuki OkiuraStoryboard: Hiroyuki OkiuraUnit Director: Naoko KusumiMusic: Mina KubotaOriginal Concept: Hiroyuki OkiuraCharacter Design: Hiroyuki Okiura, Masashi AndoArt Director: Hiroshi OhnoAnimation Director: Masashi AndoSound Director: Kazuhiro WakabayashiDirector of Photography: Koji TanakaExecutive producer: Hiroyuki Ikeda, Kazuya Hamana, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Shigeru WatanabeProducer: Arimasa Okada, Keiko Matsushita, Mariko Noguchi, Motoki MukaichiAssistant Animation Director: Akira Honma, Ei Inoue, Takeshi HondaDeputy Animation Director: Toshiyuki InoueEditing: Junichi Uematsu

VA staff SubKaren Miyama as Momo MiyauraToshiyuki Nishida as IwaYuka as Ikuko Miyaura


Momo e no Tegami was an anime by Production I.G responsible for the works such as Patlabor and the Ghost in the Shell series, The End of Evangelion, Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood+, xxxHolic, and FLCL just to name a few and are on my list of favourite animation studios with Kyoto Animation and Studio Bones therefore I went into the movie with high expectations so without any further ramblings my review of Momo e no Tegami.

The story was a captivating tale of a girl trying to discover the words left to her by her father, the idea itself is very compelling and the way the story is introduced left little substantial plot issues this for me was the major selling point as I.G spent the most part of seven years working on this project the animation felt nostalgic to a degree and it had the charms that a Ghibli film so readily displays

The animation as stated tied in with the style of story relating it to previous works of the similar genre and this aided in giving an atmosphere that shone throughout the movie as I constantly got drawn into the compelling and touching story due to the well animated scenes.

The characters of Momo e no Tegami were a credit to the director Hideaki Anno as they were enjoyable and for the most part entertaining however the character traits of Momo seemed to flip from being scared to death of these "goblins" to completely forgetting this fear moving on to the point where she not only can look at them without flipping hell itself to being able to threaten them to basically leave in a matter of 10 minutes which didn't really do her any favours in my opinion.

The music was by Mina Kubota who is absolutely flawless in her execution of the sound track resembling her previous works like Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora and Aria the Origination music so as probably assumed I had no issues with the soundtrack as a whole with refreshing folk classical style resembling the music of studio ghibli works.

All in all the movie was a testimony to I.G for 7 years of hard work to create an amazing work of art with only minor characters leaving me to give it the following scores









Personal Enjoyment


Final Verdict


This leaves me give it a recommendation to buy it when released.

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