Tuesday, October 15, 2013


There is unrest between the people and the police in Japan which has resulted in extremist action. In turn the government has trained and armed select soldiers to withstand and push back these extremists.

One soldier in particular is beginning to question his resolve. Through him we venture further into his world, how he perceives it and the events that follow. In this film we see inner struggle both in his everyday life and his dreams. There is a theme on the original telling of Red Riding Hood at the core of the film and the concept of wolves which makes for an interesting dreamlike experience. It has much more depth than Akira and actually draws more emotion out of the viewer. Also the animation is completely consistent from start to finish and not the least bit erratic.

Somewhat similar to Ghost in the Shell in terms of seriousness, but a tad more violent and bit more real. It is on the action-thriller-horror side with the dreamlike experiences and it also makes me think of protests/public demonstrations in general that get out of hand. The action and violence is true to the world it is set in. It even made me think what measures the law will take to push back dedicated extremists and if it ever ends when neither side shows signs of stopping.

SCORE 10/10The concept is very strong and is perfect because it is everything it intends to be which is a thriller through and through. The film pulls us into the action as well as the conflict that resides in the main character and the rest of his world.
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