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Cool Products Monday, October 21, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .



Animage is the premier magazine of anime and related popular culture, and this new issue is loaded with the hottest shows in Japan right now, including Free, Samurai Flamenco, Attack on Titan, K, Inazuma Eleven Go, Aikatsu, Doki Doki PreCure, Kyoukai no Kanata, and of course, the second season of Kuroko no Basket. Free desk mats and posters inside. Grab one today before they disappear!

Welcome to November edition of Bomb magazine, a super offering for fans of Japan's lovely bikini idols. Sorry if the issue sells out.

Another great monthly comic, Coro Coro. The official home of Pokemon, Doraemon and many other classics, plus rare free stuff for collectors!

See a nice update of all-ages manga, from Yotsubato! to the official Touhou manga and more. Many have furigana for easy kanji reading.

From the mind of Ghost in the Shell creator Shirow Masamune, Koukaku no Pandora is a cyberpunk action manga with plenty of moe.

Spend 2014 the most awesome way ever with a giant glossy poster calendar with your favorite anime characters.

A fantastic calendar for 2014 featuring Kamen Rider in the newest iteration of the series: Kamen Rider Wizard.

Good news: we sold out of our Maru the Cat 2014 calendars in record time, but managed to get another 20 copies. Grab them fast...

J-List is having an explosion of Sailor Moon products, so if you're a fan you should browse now. I love the 2014 schedule books, in stock now!

Our customers love our lineup of cosplay and other products for otokonoko fans, and we restocked that wig and more.

J-List loves to make fun and wacky Japanese T-shirts for our customers. One of our customers' favorites is the Emergency Exit shirt.

5pb and SDR Project present the sequel to Dunamis15, the spiritual successor to the popular Infinity series that includes Ever17 and Remember11.

You can play some really great anime games on the Sony PSP, including the popular Project Diva games featuring Hatsune Miku plus Oreimo, and more.

Never miss an issue of your favorite magazines from Japan, with J-List's revolving subscriptions, which can be canceled any time!

See our amazing otaku products including the Omikuji Saber Phone Straps, ToHeart2 Manaka Komaki White Swimsuit figure, and more.

Check out our selection of Ghibli films on Blu-ray that include both the Japanese and English versions on the disc. And 100% region free!

See a great update of Totoro products, incl. stainless steel Totoro tumblers, your favorite plush toys + lots more.

Nintendo has been licensing some better Pokemon items for all of us, like this super soft Microfiber towel, pocket mirrors and even remote controlled Pokemon.

Our cutest panda plush toys is in stock, if you're feeling the need to huge something extremely cute. We've got lots of panda products to browse.

We defy anyone to find a cuter panda or frog coffee cup than the awesome ones we're restocking today. Click to browse now.

And today we've got two new, wonderfully delicious snacks from Meiji, letting you make your own Mushroom Mountain and enjoy "adult" chocolate.

Try these delicious Kaminari-Okoshi or Thunder Rice Crackers that come with a trading card featuring the cute girls from Oreimo and Railgun. Collect all cards.

When you think of Japan do you think of crazy varieties of gum? You should. See today's big update incl. Tooth Brush Gum!

We've made a huge updating of our bento boxes for you, with Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service plus stylish modern bento boxes.

Create fun and kawaii foods with this set of amazing food cutters. A very cool kitchen item for bento chiefs of all ages.

We have a nice restocking of bento accessories, too, including everything you need to make food so cute, you won't want to eat it.

We posted the Hello Kitty Ningyo Yaki maker for creating delicious Hello Kitty cakes, plus awesome Hello Kitty toilet paper...?

We've got a nice update of traditional products, including our large Samurai GETA sandals, awesome Ninja cosplay products and more. Click to see.

Fans of the wonderful Kyoto Animation anime Clannad will love this fantastic earphone jack accessory featuring the Dango Daikazoku from Nagisa's story.

Everyone needs a little Sailor Moon plush love in their lives, and we've got great plush toys for preorder on the site. Grab the full set!

The most popular Sailor Moon figure set we've ever seen sold out in record time, but never fear: a second printing is coming, so preorder now.

From the exciting new anime series, Unbreakable Machine Doll, comes a beautiful desk mat and gorgeous wall scroll for fans to acquire and decorate their room.

Whether to store medicine or pens or CDs or even tissues these Evangelion boxes will make sure to protect them while looking really cool.

See our cool Kill la Kill products including the Paper Knife which looks like Ryuko's signature weapon and a T-Shirt with a logo of the Goku Uniform.

Check out these awesome Attack on Titan products from Messenger Bag to Carabiner to Coin Case plus cool Beyond the Boundary items too!


See our wonderful new photobook of popular gravure idol and actress Rina Koike. Enjoy this cute Japanese beauty today!

We get to enjoy the beautiful bodies of Tsubomi, Amai Kajitsu, Hitomi, Ayaka Tomoda and many more here at J-List. Maybe you should too.

Enjoy erotic stories of several lucky guys left alone with super sexy women, a perfect scenario for ecchi moments and hot erotic action.

We have a wonderful new BL manga for our beloved fujoshi customers. It's about a pair of twins who share the sensation of pain & pleasure in bed.

We have a nice update of sexy artbooks, including Moeru! Majo Jiten for fans of cute witches, plus Erect! visual fanbook and more.

This popular tool to help men last longer is back in stock, a great took to help guys who need a little extra sometimes. A popular item with our customers!

If you live fleshy onaholes with eccentric outer design that enhance excitation by giving you the meaty feeling of flesh in your hand, this one is for you.

See fun new onahole toys, including the Trick Girl Cat Girl simulator, "Onashee" (ona sheet) monster massager + more.

Enjoy your spare time even more when you can share it with an amazing companion like Minami, the stylishly sexy air doll.

You've seen these large massagers in "certain" Japanese videos, but here's one that's a wacky petite "mobile" version that's actually fully functional.

We love eroge because there are many themes to explore. In Otoboku, you play a male who pretends to be female, which leads to some pretty sexy encounters.

The newest visual novel from Effordomsoft is now available on J-List. It features great artwork and fun erotic content set in a summer island fantasy.

The adult video label for women, SILK LABO sends its 3nd season for the Face to Face series, including 3 hot adult stories in one DVD.

Thriving for quality as always, Maxing, the label who brought you Akiho Yoshizawa introduces a cute newcomer: Karin Aizawa. Such a shy girl!

Then enjoy Karin in another debut work, this time by AV maker Maxing. She's eager to please her fans and we love seeing her work!

Haruna is nothing if not prolific in her pursuit of young women to show the pleasures of another woman's touch -- 3+ hours of all female love!


Finally, a nice restocking of "ero" titles, including a healthy dose of our popular "naughty tentacle" live-action works, the Lesbian Fan Thanks Festival of Meisa Chibana (in which she performers with her female fans to thank them, sounds good to us), the delightful Complete Works of Yuma Asami 16 Hours, 8-hour Blu-ray releases of Yuki Itano, Ai Uehara and Pantyhose Fetish, plush reissues of famous stars who are now retired, like Akira Fubuki, Hitomi Hayasaka and Ai Kurosawa. Nice!
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