Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ghost in the Shell

So I've written about my favorite anime TV show (Mushi-shi), I've written about my favorite manga series (Bleach), now I shall write about my favorite anime movie; Ghost in the Shell.

Not much can be said about this movie without revealing its plot, and the plot itself is so complicated I don't think I could properly describe it.I had to watch the movie three times before I understood its entire plot; there are many pieces to the story, and the film itself is not long so viewers really have to pay attention to every detail.

So here's the world the story revolves around: It's 2029, and most of the world's human population is cybernetic, augmented with inorganic brain cells and for the government workers, almost the entire body is replaced leaving only a few organic brain cells.Computer hacking is now an all new kind of threat, a person's brain can be hacked through the connection from their inorganic brain cells to the Net, and currently there is an infamous hacker named the Puppet Master who's hacked many brains and taken control of them.The Puppet Master's reasons are unknown, all that matters is he (or she) must be stopped!

This movie Ghost in the Shell was based off the manga series done by Masamune Shirow.I picked up a volume and I remembered being vaguely disappointed.The manga series seemed to have attempted comedic relief, the very thing that stopped me from continuing to read Death Note, for it was, in my mind, out of place.I think the director of the movie understood that for every moment in the movie is dead serious, not necessarily tense or dramatic, but there's no comedy whatsoever.I feel the lack of humor enhances the experience of the movie.

As always here is a clip: .I'm not sure the trailer gives an accurate depiction of the movie; being an action film, it is very slow paced which I did not pick up from the trailer so I have added another clip which I think is a better portrayal of the movie: .I have to agree with the title of the video, this scene is amazing (it gives me the chills).
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