Monday, October 14, 2013

Bet You Thinking Twice About that Upcoming Barackalypse, Huh?

In a previous article, I discussed how the upcoming Barackalypse will be a full eco-techno-socio assault on African-Americans from every direction and the brothas and sistas ain't ready and too busy goofing off. Now brothas and sistas are getting the full preview of what's about to go down with the US Government shutdown due to the budget impasse between the White House and House of Representatives. So now, I'm popping that microwave popcorn so I can sit back and watch our ineffectual Black leaders just run their mouth and perform futile actions against a right-wing machination our leaders failed to prepare to do real battle against.

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I wrote about this in a previous article and even told cats how to prepare, detect and defend themselves against agent-based and event-based data manipulation. I also wrote how African-Americans screwed up celebrating a pyrrhic victory and how we are not ready for the upcoming Barackalypse that is coming our way. In that article, I predicted the real moves will be start being made around fall 2014 but it seems the right-wingers cannot wait and did a little preview.

I'm no conspiracy theorist but if you guys actually watch the Ghost in the Shell 2nd gig anime which showed how a data manipulator created events and scenarios to sway public perception to lead to certain outcomes, you would see some similarities here. In the beginning of the series, the first attempt was to just have people commit suicide (which was tests). Now we had an African-American who claim to hear voices in his head go shoot up the Navy shipyard building. We had another African-American woman who ram her car into the White House barricade and was killed who claimed President Obama was out to get her and I will assume those were voices in her head. Then we had a guy self-immolate (that means set himself on fire if you illiterate) on the Washington Mall. Where did all this come from, is this a Stand-Alone Complex being manifested?

By shutting down the government, is the expected outcome by someone controlling the strings to make America "feel pain" for electing a Black president? Did this same puppet master successfully rally up the extremists in the Republican party to keep the government closed under President Obama? So now we all seeing the stories of daycare not opening up and then here this story about "private ownership" millionaire couple wanting to pay for the daycare. Then you heard about the national parks closing down but Arizona as a "states rights" is going to foot the bill to keep the Grand Canyon open to pay the bills. These "private wealthy people saving the day" and "state rights" type of political messages during the shutdown sound real familiar to you, don't they?

Now we hear about the SNAP and EBT system going down. It doesn't matter if this data manipulation was agent-based by someone inside Xerox or event-based where agents take advantage of the system being down to create widespread panic in the media, what matter is do African-Americans and the urban poor have food security where they have emergency food in their pantry? Did anybody take seriously when I talked about "prepping" and making sure you have food and resources in the event on an emergency where you got to survive without any electronic systems available?

Take away the poor and middle-class consumer ability to buy food, furlough people on jobs and let's not forget federal government contractors do not get back pay and they out of work right now and this is all leading to an expected outcome. You bet damn well these outcomes and scenarios are already plotted strategized on how to manifest into reality years ago. Why do you think you are now seeing police walking around with military weapons and body armor nowadays and they pushing those images in the media?

So let me just put it out there one more time - you still thinking this Barackalypse coming down the hill after President Obama leaving office is still a joke and some talk? You can't see the writing on the wall? What are you doing, talking about Scandal or the Walking Dead on television with your distracted behind? What are you prepping to make sure you and your kids and ride through this or are you waiting to just scream like a victim for someone to come help your behind when the ish hit the fan? What are you doing right now?

Most of yall still running your mouth about Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, still listening to ignorant worthless lap dogs like that Earl Hutchinson clown, still watching television shows like Scandal and Walking Dead and posting status on Facebook like other people actually care what you thought about watching those shows. Most of yall still want to blindly defend a lame duck President Obama when he already agreed to cut social entitlements targeting Blacks and Latinos and he busy in the White House putting more social entitlements on the table throwing all of you cats needing social entitlements under the bus if he can get away with it once again.

You do not got a lot of time, this is not a funny or interesting read, this is a warning and your advanced notice about what is about to go down. You can laugh at Noah while he builds his ark but you better damn remember humans can't breathe water once the water rise above their heads. Prep your family and relatives for disaster, have a plan for food security, physical security and shelter security. Pile up on the guns and body armor and start hoarding homey because the right wingers are. You can't sit here and talk about as an African-American you got to work twice as hard as everybody else but you twice as lazy about prepping and establishing an emergency plan and twice as likely to think this is a joke.

You brothas and sistas are in areas where all it take is a little event to disrupt food security, disrupt power and resources, cause price shocks and instant hyper-inflation and reduced to primal activies. Like it was said in Ghost in the Shell, just as water runs downhill, the human heart also tends to revert to its basist instincts. All it takes is for someone in the Black community to act a fool out of desperation and create an all-out event none of want to see.
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