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Watamote Episode 3: "Since I'm Not Popular, The Weather's Bad"

Watamote Episode 3

So as I stated in my video of this series, I like it for it's slice of life aspect and this wasreconfirmed in this most recent episode. Clearly this anime is not plot driven; all though Tomoko's ultimate goal is to become popular, she only works at it a little at a time. Because of this, the episodes pacing can be slow at times. For example, in this episode, we watch Tomoko go through an awkward day followed by a desperate attempt to become sick, so she won't have to go to school for a while. Although the plot sounds lackluster I actually enjoyed episode 3 because of Tomoko. She's extremely relate-able and the situations she facesin make me both laugh out loud and want to crawl up into a ball because I've been there. My favorite part had to be the scene where she's hiding from the rain under a bus stop.

Tomoko and some acquaintances

No Tomoko, you don't just tell people

you're sweaty.

I could literally feel how nervous she must have been trying to make small talk with those boys. And although her attempts were hilariously wacky, I felt her pain of desperately trying to talk to someone, but not knowing what to say. I just wanted to jump into the computer screen and be yell, "Tomoko, No!!!!" The best scenes are always ones where Tomoko's in an uncomfortable situation because they manage to be funny and sad at the same time. In fact, scenes like this are much funnier than the anime references, which I could honestly do without. Now, don't get me wrong, I do get why they are included.

Tomoko at Motoko Kusanagi

After all, what would an anime about an otaku be without references to the anime world? Not to mention, it's refreshing to see the references include more recent anime such as Kuroko no Basket. But I just feel they could be more discrete, or at least blend with the story better. However, I have to admit, I was totally fan-girling during the Ghost in the Shell scene.

Prince Tomoki, who was sick this episode

but you could hardly tell because he

always looks like death.

Now, as much as I love Tomoko, the highlight of this episode for me was her brother Tomoki. Once again he was bitter. Once again he was irritated with everything. And once again I loved it. This may sound weird, but I just love the fact that these two siblings rarely share heart felt moments. Call me a pessimist but I feel like it puts a final realistic touch on this show.

Overall, I thought this episode was cute, but sad, and a bit boring at times. 3/5
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