Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer 2013 anime "Ghost in the Shell Arise"

The second OVA that I watch for this new season was "Ghost in the Shell Arise-01" This is going tobe a 4 part ova, that is set up as a prequel to the original OVA. Thats the one that is really good and in my opinion as well as other otakus, is the real base for the Matrix movies. If you see that movie and then you see the matrix you will see what a rip off the matrix is.

Here is the trailer:

in my humble opinion this ova did not deliver what I would have wished, The original ova was far superior on the story, philosophical implications and overall a master piece of anime. In one word the original had; SOUL. But this one has really good looking fighting scenes, they are really well made. I will watch the rest of the ovas.

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