Sunday, July 14, 2013


Finally, GHOST IN THE SHELL ARISE anime had been come out. After series and a Movies, its been a long time since Ghost In The Shell:Stand alone Complex, people thought it won't be appear again since then. For recall memories, Ghost in the shell is a anime appear in 1998 on movie, its about a future when a human used acyber brain to connected to all information, means almost all human are a cyborg. They use a plug on there brain connected to nervous system to internet.

Every activities like reading, communicated, check identity, almost all of it connect on internet/digital by brain. that make them has a longevity, even some of them had life for 150 years old.

Ghost In the Shell, is about a team called Section 9, there are composed of ex-military and a ex-cop. every of them have specialty, combat specialist, hacker specialist, sniper , investigation and undercover. they are move to eliminated something or someone that thread a state, lead by woman called Mayor.

Even so The section 9 doesn't exist in state institution ( in public knowledge), so they always had problem with other section, like they had different thought bout how to clear the case and different way to close it.they always move solid to close a case like mercenary, but they to have to recruit a normal human so they move can't be predicted.

This anime is good for someone who want an action and investigation movies, because an antagonist character in Ghost In ther Shell not always the hated one,

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