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020: Review ???????? Ergo Proxy (Anime)


Bad ass with blue make up, gonna mess your shit up...

YEARS: Feb. 2006 - Aug. 2006

MEDIA: Anime, Manga (spinoff)

RELEASE: Funimation

S/D: Started dub but switch to sub, Sub is better.


WHERE: Download



SYNOPSES: Post apocalyptic Romdeau and its inhabitants, both human and AutoRevis (androids), is monitored by a group of elite humans including Re-l's ("REAL") grandfather. In this new world people are unable to reproduce naturally and are produced in artificial wombs with future purpose in mind. An already threatened city, by infected murderous AutoRevis, is further jeopardized with the cover up the escape and escapades of project Proxy (elite killers). Re-l encounters the Proxy and delves deep into investigation of Proxy against all leaders' advisement. After she shakes her monitored AutoRevi, Iggy, Re-l begins to learn the real truth behind the Proxy project.

OVERALL: Each episode is like its own mini movie, the quality and production is awesomesauce. The story follows through the episodes though. I tried watching this a long time ago, before it got popular; I don't remember if I ever finished it but I really like it. The insertion of robot companion and infection of those companions is kind of a new idea for an older anime.

It reminds me of Witch Hunter Robin, Ghost in the Shell and Speed Grapher.

This is a very dark set series so make sure to watch it with low or no lights.

You don't get an opener until the third episode and it is in English; it's alright and befitting the series but nothing special. Also the closer is Radiohead, how could it get better? These could have been changed upon Dub remake.

FUTURE: I don't remember how it ends but there hasn't been anymore since so it must be finished.


I can't help it, I love how she looks. I would so want her as a girlfriend.
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