Friday, July 12, 2013

Ghost in the Shell


I was gonna do a lengthy review but then I took too much time getting excited at talking about eva...sigh. Gotta be brief this time.

I'm starting to believe that the animation in 90s is not bad at all and goes par with modern ones named examples being this movie, Eva EoE, and cowboy bebop. Amazing animation with detailed back ground art here and there. Delicious particle effects when the tank shoots at the pillars

I liked the ideas suggested: what makes us human? Aren't we just a robot coded with data called genes? Does being a robot really matter as long as we can act as humans like we have been for thousands or years?

Also liked some symbolism, the bullet landing (death) as an Angel, being in a little girl's body (new offspring) etc.

Didn't really like the plot, wasn't too amazing, just there to suggest those ideas I believe

Feels atmospheric, gave me some chills at interrogation of the driver

8/10 everything good but plot sorta lacked
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