Monday, January 13, 2014

Anime Review: Ghost in the Shell Stand-Alone Complex (Dual Review)

GENRE: Cyberpunk

STUDIO/CREATOR: Production IG/Masamune Shirow

DISTRIBUTOR: Manga Entertainment

NO OF EPISODES: 26 per season, 52 overall (note: second season is released separately as The Second Gig.


MY RATING: 10/10

SUMMARY: This series tells the casefiles of Section 9, an organization of the Japanese police that fights cyber-terrorism, and is led by Major Mamoru Kusanagi. In season one, the team tracks down the Laughing Man. In season two, the villains are the Individual Eleven.

REVIEW: This is every bit as good as the movies it prequels.(However, it's independent of the movie) I especially like season one over season two.It has a more sympathetic villain in the Laughing Man. I guess everyone has an anarachist in them somewhere.The second season is by no means bad, just the opposite.The Individual Eleven are great enemies. I highly recommend both seasons.

MUSIC/SCORE: It's by Yoko Kanno. That's all you need to know.

SUB/DUB: I only got to listen to the dub. It was well done.

VIOLENCE: (10/10) It's among the most violent anime I've ever met, but that doesn't mean the violence is unnecessary.

LANGUAGE: (5/10)

SEXUALITY: (8/10) Robots are used for prostitution in one episode.

NUDITY: (5/10) Major's outfit is rather racy and she has a tendency to have nude scenes.Because this is used for a symbolic means of exploring whether she can still be considered a person, I don't mind this.

RELIGION: (1/10) Whether the soul still exists in a cybernetic body is a theme of the series.

RELATED MEDIA: This is inspired by the Ghost in the Shell Manga, distributed in America by Dark Horse. There are also three movies: Ghost in the Shell, (I recommend the "2.0upgrade, which I have reviewed on this site), Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, and Ghost in the Shell: Solid-State Society.
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