Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anime Review: 11eyes

Sometimes an anime comes along that has serious potential but through improper development of characters it falls apart. One such anime was the 2009 anime 11eyes. I will be summarising the story, characters, animation and sounds to then give a final summary so without further ado, my review of 11eyes.

The story focuses on Satsuki Kakeru a middle schooler who was taken off to a plane of existence later called the red night to fight creatures and rescue a girl trapped in a gemstone, the idea itself was solid with good production however leaving a massive lack of emotion for the characters succeeding showing lack of development.

the characters were the biggest let-down with only a few characters getting proper development and even then allot of that development gets tied up in the story and feels forced by the writers and this was my only real problem with the show bet it left me with an unfufilling ending as I had no real attachment to any characters by the end of the series

The animation was one of the highlights with a dark theme and solid colours with a very strong spectrum of colours. The shading for the time was excellent with no visible lack of frames and fluid movement animation giving credit to Pony Canyon and Sentai Filmworks as it shows the style of these production studios heavily.

The sounds for 11eyes were well made with Iwanami Yoshikazu well placed for the role with work in shows like Deadman Wonderland, and both Ghost in The Shell Arise OVA's. Other notable mentions were the opening and ending themes that were performed excellently. The opening performed by Ayane who also did work on the Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation ending and Ayakashi opening however really going above and beyond with one of my favourite opening songs of anime.

In conclusion the animation standards were excellent however a lack of development of the characters and relation with the plot needed work that is why I have awarded the following scores and giving a recommendation to stream rather than buy









Personal Enjoyment


Final Verdict


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