Sunday, January 26, 2014

steven spielbergs adds ghost in the shell to dreamworks slate. a live version of the animie .

worse if steven spielberg and dreamworks now that they revealed they are going to do a live action version of the japanise sci fi punk classic ghost in the shell. which is about a female cyborg cop matou who leads the anti terroist division and spawned an anime and a cartoon series ghost in the shell stand alone complex. steven made it known dreamworks have the rights now to do a live action movie version which given how james cameron similar plans to do the animie battle angel alita is not going to happen till he is done with Avatar. and warners plans to do the classic akira fell part do to it way too costly . if steven and dreamworks pulls this off not only will it be the first time plans for any studio to do a live action version of a hit animie like ghost in the shell but. also may wind up with warners and other studios following suit again mostly warners going back to try for akira. but mostly leading the pack now and coming from dreamworks. a live action version of the japanese cyberbunk cyborg classic. ghost in the shell. hope when it gets around to casting steven considers looking at actor crispsen freeman for the role of togasa since he did the characters voice in the anime when it got translated for the u.s but also in stand alone complex too.
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