Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's almost New Year

I putted rest of the photos from my camera to my laptop. There was nothing special, but I think that next year I don't want to write about them so I put some of those photos here now before new year ^^'.

There was lot of photos of my little dogs. And they looks so tiny in them because now they have lot of fur and those photos was taken at end of the summer I think. There was some photos of my new room (or not so new anymore). I was thinking then that I would write about it and put couple of photos too. I think about it now... here is nothing to see actually, so I'm not gonna write about my room or put lot of photos either.

I don't know almost at all what I'm going to do next year. Well I hopefully graduate at least! But then I probably going some school again... maybe? But I'm not sure where and soon I have to know that.

But now I don't want to think about school or anything like that (even if I should).

Even though I said that I'm not going to put photos of my room here is some anyway.. Well! I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV really much lately. Maybe I should do something else (or maybe not... because those 30 free playing days). There are lot of anime episodes that I haven't seen.. for example I started finally watch Ghost in the shell 2 and I only have watched 10 episodes!

I have seen lot of movies lately too! And some reason I haven't write about them here.... except Frozen. And if I remember right I said that I'm going to see The Hobbit? It was grate movie! I really can't wait one year again till I can see the next movie.

Anyway! I found some photos of my drawings from that camera what I was talking about. Here some of those photos. When I was taking those, I was thinking that I would put almost all of them and write something too. But I just put couple of them here and I don't really have anything to say about them I think. They are just some old drawings and I never finished them (okay, maybe two of them is something that I even colored with my laptop).

Okay, I putted much more than just couple of photos ^^'

But well... I think this is all for now, see you next year I think!

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