Saturday, January 4, 2014


I've been gone a few days but I've made a 3 in 1 post.

Day 2- Favourite long running anime?

This was easy, if a bit controversial. Bleach, it's a clever idea and one that at first wouldn't and probably shouldn't work, mixing Hispanic and Japanese mythology and folklore, it just doesn't seem right. It is this fact that put me off initially and the bright happy appearance of the first series.

It wasn't until about two years ago when my girlfriend at the time started babbling on at me about the sixth series where things seemed to get a fair bit darker as far as the story goes. She did tis go well into six weeks until I gave in and agreed to watch the first twelve episodes if she agreed to shut the fuck up. While I didn't enjoy the first few episodes it still posed an interesting plot that made me want to watch a few more episods. So there I am on I think it was around episodes 14 when things get a little interesting. So much so that I decided to continue the series and while there are areas of the series as with any series that runs for so long. It keeps a good pace during the main story arcs and uses a well balanced mix of humour and action. Even the filler arcs make a point of developing characters and the world they inhabit.

Day 3- Favourite anime movie?

This took some thinking over because there are so many. I could name five Studio Ghibli movies that could take this spot. Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Sky Crawlers, Perfect Blue.Finally I remembered the film that started this blog. Evangelion 2:22 You can (not) advance. One of the best films I've ever seen. It does divert from the original.series but I hadn't finished the series until after I had watched the film and nd to be honest 2:22 is so bloody awesome that I can easily forgive it for the changes. The first film gripped me and hooked me on to the series so I expected something impressive. Impressive is what was delivered, the 3d animation on some scenes and the characters even the new character seemed to fit in with the original lore.

Day 4- Favourite anime opening?

This was fairly easy. Devil May Cry from the Devil May Cry animated series. I am not ashamed to say that I love a good soundtrack but when that soundtrack covered my favourite genre of music I have a clear winner.
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