Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 10 Studios

Since anyone who reads this blog knows I'm obsessed with studios, here's the the top favorites list.

The order is based on the success rate percentage of each studio which I calculate carefully.

10. TMS ENTERTAINMENT - 53% - TMS doesn't really have an identifiable signature throughout their works, and the quality and genres of each show greatly vary. But the good things just manage to outweigh the bad things.

9. BONES - 59% - The concepts and stories behind all of Bones' works really tickle my fancy. It's the execution that's usually lacking. Especially with their tendency to go with rushed and/or nonsense finales.

8. PRODUCTION IG - 59% - They've been rather hit or miss lately. At least you can still count on them for some good animation, and they've always got Ghost in the Shell in their back pocket.

7. SUNRISE - 60% - Sunrise has always been a mixed bag in terms of quality and the series they animate. Even though I'm a Gundam fan now, I do think they should stop churning a new series out every year and put more time into the quality.

6. GONZO - 61% - Their glory days have long since expired, and even then their works had a wide range in quality. They temporarily gained their spark back with Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, but I really don't have any hope for Gonzo anymore.

5. BRAIN'S BASE - 62% - Alas, another studio whose prime seems to have completely passed. I wish they could go back to their 2010-2011 days, and stop it with all the otome/reverse-harem shit that should be animated by some other stupid studio.

4. SHAFT - 64% - All of their works are hit and miss for me, but somehow they manage to have more hits. Haven't seen many of some of their earlier works, and I don't think I want to.

3. GAINAX - 67% - Gainax currently has the most amount of titles of any studio in my Top 30. Unfortunately, like Gonzo, Gainax's current state is a far cry from what it once was. I hope that they will manage to produce decent and creative stuff again, but my hopes are certainly not high.

2. MADHOUSE - 68% - Yet another studio that has seen better days. Madhouse's plummet didn't go as far down as Gonzo's did, and they still give us with some interesting stuff now and again. But they certainly have been laying rather low for the past couple of years now.

1. GHIBLI - 75% - At first I wasn't sure to include Ghibli on here since they only animate films. But then I thought: Fuck it, they're still an animation studio. With the exception of a select few, I love nearly all of their films. And regardless of whether I liked them or not, they all had something memorable about them, each movie has something memorable about it.
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