Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ghost in the Shell (Response Post)

Ghost in the Shell was an anime sci-fi film released in 1995 that was based on the already best selling Japanese manga series. Originally animated by game designer's Production I.G, and directed by anime enthusiast Mamoru Oshii, it's no surprise that the film became as renown as it did in the anime community. Not only do critics and fans agree that the animation is superb, they also made other side notes on topics ranging from Oshii's wise choice of music to the heartfelt emotional story that the viewer gets sucked into.

While Ghost in the Shell is known to pay attention to touchy subjects at times, critics mainly took notice on the topic of sexuality. Talked and debated about quite frequently is the controversy on how some of the characters are made up to look and function. Arguments stem from critics claiming some women in the film are made up to look and act as men, and even go as far to debate about an interrupted menstral cycle. Adult anime films that were made before these revolutionary hits often didn't touch on risky and debatable topics, and tended to cling on to the more family-friendly material. While some of the content is debatable for an anime film for its time, but nonetheless has brought forward a new sense of the term "anime".

The Ghost in the Shell film managed to beat numerous animation milestones set for its time, animation of course being the most obvious to spot. When compared to other anime films back in the 1990 s, it's easy to pick out distinct differences when it comes to the overall quality of the animation and design. Ghost in the Shell I noticed pays careful attention to shadows, wrinkles, and even texture more in their series. The music used is also something that goes great with the ambience and overall feel of the movie. Like good background music of course, you should only notice it if you really listen into the background of the setting.

In conclusion, it's safe to say that Ghost in the Shell has had its fair share of accomplishments in the prime years of its existence. After making an impact on the big screen it didn't just end there; this movie made sure to go the extra mile and permanently change the way that CGI and animation are done forever.
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