Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ghost in the shell

So i finally got around to watching some Anime since i have been lazing around doing nothing but playing Terraria and Skyrim. I always wanted to watch ghost in the shell but sadly never got around to doing it until today.

This movie is nothing i expected it to be, yet it was so much more. I honestly wished it was longer, not just a mere one hour and twenty minutes. The movie itself does not waste a single second, every minute was pure enjoyment and was extremely dedicated to propelling the story forward. Ghost in the Shell did not feel rushed and they even managed to take you on a tour of a neo tokyo with wonderful music in the background. The atmosphere was nearly always intense and somehow or rather kept me on the edge of my seat.

The story is obviously original (It was practically the inspiration for The matrix series for god's sake) and was intriguing and mind bending. I didn't understand some parts of the movie truthfully speaking and got mixed up with the names for which sector was which. (Inner embarrassment unleashed!)

The characters themselves were kind of mysterious and nothing much was known other than the fact that they were cyborgs, which is why the movie does not need to explain why they are there, since they are 'police officers'. I found that i loved Motoko the best, and there were quite alot of philosophical sayings thrown here and there which added to the intense 'detached atmosphere'. The bad assery in this film is almost second to none although i wished that they had added more action scenes. Still great nonetheless.

This movie has been hailed as a classic by anime fans and i can see why. Although it is not perfect, it is still utterly amazing in its own right. A definite must watch for sure!

PLOT: 8/10


MUSIC: 8.5/10


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