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Cool Products Friday, December 20, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .



See a great update of 2014 anime, idol, traditional Japan photo and other calendars to the site today, though be warned: nearly all the calendars have come in, and every day we're seeing more and more popular calendars sell out completely. Today we posted Rozen Maiden, Infinite Stratos, Kantai Collection and many others. Browse and order soon!

It's time for a new issue of Figure Japan, the premiere magazine for amazing figures from Japan. This issue comes w/ an Ultimate Madoka figure. Wow!

Another super issue of Little Devil Ageha, a great Shibuya-influenced fashion magazine that showcases the most glamorous trends in Tokyo right now.

We found a very nice manga anthology of Kantai Collection (KanColle), the popular online game full of cute battleship girls.

Sunday GX is an awesome new manga magazine packed with great stories and amazing art.

Artists need pictures of sexy Japanese girls in various poses in order to perfect their skill. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

See awesome manga restocked, including Nichijou, OreImo, Touhou, nice yuri works and more.

See fresh stock of our kawaii anime figures from Fate/stay night to Puella Magi Madoka Magica to Haganai and other series.

J-List fuku-bukuro grab bags are a great way to get a big value and save money. Click to browse this year's bags now. But hurry, they go away in January!

Little kids aren't the only ones that get all the fun to wear cute clothing with animal ears.

Here's a warm pair of Japanese black stockings that are sure to add extra warmth and style to your daily life.

A super cute pair of ichigo (strawberry) underwear that has been seen in various anime and manga. By customer request!

See other popular memes-turned-fashion, like the striped socks and real shimapan, great for cosplay or other uses.

We've got great anime T-shirts in stock in San Diego, like the new Totoro x Batman crossover design. Do you like it?

Bring home the traditional Japanese summer festival food, Takoyaki, with an authentic pan for use on gas and electric stoves tops.

Fresh stock of Sword Art Online, Oreimo Portable, Galgun, Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos, To Love-Ru Doki Doki! Rinkai Gakkou, Toradora Portable, and more.

You can now own those cute Tachikoma's from cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell with this cool Earphone Jack Box Set for your smartphone.

And there are a lot of great traditional products posted today too. Get yourself a Japanese kotatsu to keep yourself warm in the winter.

This limited edition Bub brand bath salts includes the scents of a resort vacation, including a floral, fruits, 'romantic' and forest scents.

Enjoy the great flavor of Japanese Hi-Chew, in a new fun and fluffy flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon grape.

Even young kids can learn the joys of baking with this easy to use kit to create real pancakes in your microwave. Kawaii~

"I've always wanted to try this!" squeals Mugi in an episode of K-On! She was talking about Neri Ame, a fun traditional candy you knead with chopsticks.

Enjoy Japan Kit Kats and Oreos, Lotte Drink Mix Candy, Meiji Hamburger Gummy Making Set, Kracie Puchitto Fruit Soft Candy, Morinaga's Hi-Chew, and more.

Not only can you make Hello Kitty shaped cookies, we have restocked other kitchen accessories, including Roller Food Deco Stamp, Panda Cookie Cutter Set, and more.

Make ramen fast with our popular Ramen Microwave Bowl, so excellent for university students. Also, see other great microwave cooking products.

We can always use more good luck, and we restocked several authentic omamori good luck charms from Japan today.

Also: show your Evangelion love with these official cases for iPhone 5/5S, which feature famous Eva logos on the back. Preorder now.

Venus Power! Makeup! The Sailor Senshi of Love and Passion gets an awesome Figurearts action figure. Preorder Sailor Venus now!

From the epic anime Attack on Titan comes a very excellent figure of Levi! Complete w/ Survey Corps uniform and 3D maneuver gear plus more!

W-W-Wow, is all I can say, looking at this outstanding Range Murata figure. How can something this cool looking exist in the universe?

From Kantai Collection (KanColle) comes this beautiful doll of Shimakaze of amazing design. We think you will love this one.

From Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, we have Tomo, posed ready to fight while looking very sexy in skintight clothing. Preorder now.

There's more! Click to see top-quality figures of cute girls from OreImo, Henneko, Wolf Children, and other popular series.


Another outstanding issue of The Best Magazine, which features nude erotic photography that can only be called "the best.

The angelic yet naughty Tsubomi has just about everything you could want in the world of JAV. Check out her latest photobook.

Fans of "traps," or joso (crossdressing boys), won't want to miss the latest issue of this awesome magazine full of the prettiest boys around.

Sumiya presents a heartwarming erotic love story about a guy who gradually falls in love with an eccentric girl after their first sex.

Enjoy some great restocked manga volumes, including Ruri Ruri by the epic Yui Toshiki, plus Futanari Princess Knight Elise and Otome Saku.

Check out Touko Hinamatsuri's much awaited second artbook featuring promo art and new illustrations from popular eroge titles.

See other ecchi 2D artbooks restocked, too, including the Sports Wear Complex book, which we love.

We've got some wonderful cast-off figures for preorder, like genderbent versions of Amadeus Mozart and King Arthur, plus sexy maids, pirate girls, and more.

Another huge and high grade stress relief toy for men, from famous Japanese adult toy maker ToysHeart, the onahole that's as soft as marshmallows!

Tamatoys never cease to amaze with brilliant ideas, the new addition to our catalog is a Tamatoys lubricant for bukkake fans!

J-List customers love "monster girls," and we restocked the popular detailed onahole toys that look totally inhuman. Very popular item.

The geniuses a Toys Heart have created a very realistic fella onahole, shaped like a face with an accurate recreation of a girl's juicy mouth.

Here's a great vibrator for our female customers that's great for beginners, with an excellent shape and power to relieve stress.

Today's recommended English eroge is Shuffle! a great game that happens to have an ichigo pantsu girl in it!

BaseSon's popular Koihime series continues with an all-new game full of cute girls based on historical figures!

KMP introduces us to a new super hot actress, Mio Morisaki, half Japanese and Brazilian, gifted with super hot looks and body.

The amazing 98cm J-Cup kyonyu queen Hitomi back in a new hot release label, as a hot teacher, turned into a sex slave by one of her student...

A new release featuring only girls enjoying the company of other girls, featuring only real amateurs Japanese hotties.

Alice Japan occasionally throws a little curve ball for their AV Idols to keep things fresh and fun during production.

Aimi Yoshikawa pre-retirement release with SOD is certainly the hottest Aimi Yoshikawa performance so far, a super hardcore production that fans must see.


Enjoy the latest and best releases from Hitomi Tanaka, including Ero Cowgirl, J-Cup Super Bakunyu Instructor and her epic All 19 Titles 8 Hours Blu-ray work, plus Lesbian Battle and other awesome works. Brunette Lotion School Swimsuit Europe, the best performances of Sora Aoi, and my favorite, the Zenra Ballet series.
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