Saturday, September 7, 2013

JP:Life Size Debut of the "Mobile Police Patlabor"

Citizens of Japan got a glimpse of the "Mobile Police Patlabor" when it was transported for it's debut live filming. The news of it's sighting spread quickly over the world and pictures of it taken by the public went viral in a matter of time.During the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2013, Headgear announced that they will be releasing a live-action movie based on the series of it. And the movie will be scheduled to release next year 2014, and will involve Mamoru Oshii who directed the animated movie, Patlabor 2 : The Movie back in the 1993.Mamoru Oshii is one of the most famous animation directors in Japan, that has directed "Urusei Yatsura", "Ghost in the Shell" and "Mobile Police Patlabor" He is a great director in directing animated films but there's difference between directing in fictional movies and non-fictional movies. And his lack of knowledge and experience in directing non-frictional gives me doubts on his participation in this project.Patlabor also known as the "Mobile police Patlabor" is a series of Japanese comics and animation, the original is HEADGEAR, consists of five members of the group, including the original bill / comic form is the United States, the mechanical design of the Yuan Yu, character design Takada Akemi , Kazunori Ito script as directed by Mamoru Oshii. From 1988 Masami Yuki began comic strip to the occasion in 2009, has published works include comic books, an animated TV series, two OVA series, three animated movies.

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