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Cool Products Wednesday, September 18, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .



Enjoy more great art and cool omake with a new issue of Animedia. A great way to check on the hottest shows whether currently airing ones or upcoming like Kuroko no Basket Season 2, Magi Season 2, Attack on Titan, Free!, Makai Ouji Devils and Realist, Gatchaman Crowds, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Yowamushi Pedal, Samurai Flamenco, and other great shows. Also get free omake stuff like a Magi Photo Frame Digital Clock. Supplies limited so get one now!

It's time to draw some cute Touhou characters and this incredible book will teach you how! Learn from the pros and level up your artistic skills.

High School DxD vol. 5 is out! Lots of fan service and ecchi moments throughout this fun comedy manga about beautiful demons who we'd love to know.

Enjoy the great full color illustrations of your favorite anime series, like Little Busters, all year long with these new wall calendars for 2014.

See all the characters of Vividred Operation with this great desktop calendar. We'll soon have more calendars for your desk for preorder soon.

Also known as Momokuro, these wacky idol girls are giving a new name to JPOP with their cosplay and Akiba themes.

See lots of other charming idols from Japan, captured forever in a great 2014 calendar with large, glossy pages.

Keep track of your schedule Ghibli style with this beautiful illustrated Totoro schedule book.

Fairy Tail figures are pretty rare, so it's always great to see one coming out. Take a look at this super-detailed figure of Lucy!

From the popular romance anime series Oreimo, comes these amazing Oreimo Dry T-Shirts featuring main heroine Kirino and cute gothic lolita Kuroneko!

An awesome official Attack on Titan shirt from Japan, in 5 different designs. Pick up yours today.

And freak out your neighbors as you walk down the street in your Attack on Titan inspired muscle pants. For both men and women.

Also great for cosplay or casual wear (?), authentic Japanese style school swimsuits and those great striped panties restocked.

Masamune Shirow, the renowned artist behind Ghost in the Shell, has produced another fantastic artbook. Check it out!

We love carrying Touhou products for our customers, and made a big update of the original games + soundtracks.

From your favorite games to original kawaii anime characters, we have so many available and waiting to be your new companion.

Saving is made easy with the cute, mischievous antics of the cat or dog who takes your coins away for safekeeping inside its snug mikan box.

Bring the comfort of a Japanese washlet toilet with your wherever you go, thanks to this electric powered keitai washlet.

The best way to take a bath: put one of these fizzing tablets under you and angle your back so the bubbles travel up your body. It's great!

These super cute Rilakkuma ice cubes are a great way to make your life a little more Japanese and kawaii.

Add Sailor Moon to your cellphone, car, binder or computer with this limited 20th Anniversary edition sticker from Japan.

Great tools to help you learn Japanese, with text books, note books, pens, and official Kanji training booklets.

Spotted on the iTunes Japan store: character songs for fans, and also for fans of the . Fully compatible with your iStuff.

We have a great update of Japanese snacks, incl. Taiyaki Candy for Nyanko Sensei fans, Kracie Puchitto Chocolate Candy + More.

We've got a big update of Japanese snacks, from Meiji 100% Juice Gummy to Black Sesame Caramel to gum that brushes your teeth for you.

This cute and irresistible Rilakkuma bento box is sure to be one of your new favorites -- perfect for small appetites.

Get your bento on! Lots of great restocked bento boxes and accessories today. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy lunch, now's the time.

Make super cute onigiri (rice balls) with this wonderful Penguin Baby Onigiri Maker! An amazing item for fans of decoben culture!

We have a great update of bento and kitchen items, too, including bento cups, antibacterial sheets + soy sauce bottles!

Store your important stuff in a cute koppori case that looks like a geta sandal. This is a random color.

Enjoy today's new traditional Japan products, from an ear cleaner and new Lucky Cat products to walls scrolls + luck charms.

Take a trip down memory lane with this awesome Sega Mega Drive Glasses based on Sega's popular 16-bit console from the late 80's. Preorder a pair today!

Fans of the epic anime Attack on Titan, check out these cool Attack on Titan Straps featuring your favorite logos including Survey Corps, Garrison, Military Police, and more.

The cute and sexy main heroine, Akiko Himenoko, from the fun anime Oniai gets a wonderful new figure you can preorder right now.

Great news for fans of Kantai Collection or KanColle for short. We have cool stylish shirts featuring Ikazuchi & Inazuma in 2 sizes to choose from!

We've got a nice update for Madoka fans, including the official Madoka tissue box, a new figure + Mami's gun for cosplay!

Great news for fans of the online moe battleship game, Kantai Collection. So cute!


Here's a fantastic offering for all Japanese amateur fans, a sample DVD magazine that's packed with 4 DVDs and 12 hours of live action hamedori content.

Japanese actress and former Mini Skirt Police member Nami Motoyama releases her first ever full nude photobook. Don't miss this!

Enjoy our fresh stock of doujinshi today including To Love-Ru Darkness, Evangelion, SAO, Henneko, and more. Limited stock so sorry if they run out quick.

From the great mind of Erect Sawaru comes these two awesome ero manga, The sequel to Pandra, Grimoire, and boob fest manga, Opai Infinity.

Today's restocked ero works include Deep Staler, Ane-Imo Love H, Ijimetai Oppai Hajimemashita, Onesan to Koi Siyou + more.

From the popular eroge Walkure Romanze, here's a high-quality figure of smoking hot knight Celia with clothes you can remove. Awesome!

We stock all the top calendars for fans of beautiful Japanese women, incl. Nana Ogura, Nozomi Aso, Shiori Kamisaki and more.

The ultimate accessory for men who are into Joso and cross dressing, a pair ultra realistic of silicon breasts coming with a bra to fit them in.

See several restocked stress toys, including Risa Tachibana's super realistic manko + Satomi Nomiya and more.

Spice up your intimate life with this sexy cat tail anal plug, a J-List customer favorite that's back in stock today.

The popular "Love Body" has been updated with even more realism with the addition of Hin plus other restocked dolls.

When it comes to technology for bringing pleasure, Japan is over 9000. Today we restocked advanced toys for guys and girls for maximum pleasure.

Fans of moe will love this new adult visual novel starring four cute girls who respond to the personal tastes of the player!

We've got great English translated eroge titles that you can order from anywhere in the world through the Internet. Browse now!

Once again, the Japanese have taken my brain and wrapped it around their little fingers with this new release that focuses on black, silky stockings. Wow...

The second volume of the Forbidden Love Triangle Affair series from Deep's sequel to the super popular Forbidden Lesbian Love Affairs series.

Fans of the Max-A girls will love this epic compilation, a 2 DVDs 8 hours production focusing on the female teacher fetish!

Sailor Moon and Maria fans rejoice, this new release from the Guardian label is an awesome take at live action Sailor Moon, for adults of course!


Finally, see a great update of super ecchi DVD and Blu-ray titles, including the sexy cosplay of Sailor Moon and other anime parody works, The Tentacle DX Box, Kyonyu Nurse Lesbian Hospital, re-mastered releases starring classic AV actresses like Ai Kurosawa and Hitomi Hayasaka, the AV debut of Beni Ito and Mihane Yuki, and more!
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