Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 [Animated Movie]

A definite improvement over the original and smooth as it is sharp to look at. Some might defend and refuse to see beyond the original and I respect that. For me though this is one of the best examples in which CGI is appropriately used in animation. It isn't overwhelming and does not dilute the original spirit of the film.

One thing that is a bit juvenile and an arbitrary example are the fish in the first scene of the movie. I dare anyone to say that the original has better looking fish. Another example is that instead of a grainy cybernetic presentation in the intro we get a smooth fully fleshed out intimate look as a full prosthetic body comes into creation.

For those unfamiliar, cybernetics and full prosthetic bodies are commonplace where both the government and the general public have access. With crime and politics utilizing the technology law enforcement also steps up to ween out threats and offenders. In these times though, everyday people can be controlled/hacked and no culprit can be found. A secret government group Section 9 is a small group dedicated to protecting the peace and carrying out their peacekeeping discretely. Then enters a mastermind unlike any Section 9 has faced and they have to remain on their toes as this threat edges closer to one member of Section 9 in particular. The lead members of the group are especially invested in this one case. For the leading members of Section 9 it will introduce life-changing insight into technology and their world as the case progresses.

The rest of the CGI is in small doses with transportation and the holographic images much like the series (Also extremely well done). This is one of those times where it feels like they wouldn't have done it if they didn't truly think they could improve the original. In this case the improvements are small enough that they don't take anything away from the original film.

SCORE 10/10I will view this version of the film more so than the original, but I'll return to the original time to time just for nostalgia.
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